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Get The Right Running Gear

by Can Too 27 Jan 2017

On your first night of training you'll be given a white Can Too running top to wear at training. Once you meet your fundraising commitment you'll be presented with your Can Too Orange race top to wear with pride! The rest of your gear is up to your personal style. To help you get run ready, we've put together a list of running essentials. 

Running Shoes

There are many types of sneakers on the market but when it comes to running you want to be wearing sneakers that have been designed to run in.

The average pair of sneakers are only built to sustain approx. 482km's of use — so if your runners are over a year old, chances are you’ll need a new pair!

When purchasing a new pair of runners go to a reputable shoe store where they’ll put you on a treadmill to identify your unique foots needs.

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Running Clothes

Make sure your running clothes are light weight and made from a technical fabric with a good wick absorbancy — don’t wear cotton.

You will be given your Can Too running top on your first night of training.

There are so many types of running pants — whether you like shorts, fitted leggings or even a running skirt the colour, shape and style is completely up to you — go wild!

You may get cold before and after your run, so having a light weight jacket on standby is always recommended.

Not all socks are equal and when you’re running it’s important to get a pair of socks that are made from a technical fabric, are form fitting and most importantly aren’t made of cotton — cotton socks cause blisters!

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Get Professionally Coached Today!

We offer professionally coached training programs using qualified and experienced coaches. Can Too train all levels, from beginners to those more experienced, in structured training programs tailored to specific physical challenges such as run, ocean swim, triathlon or choral singing events.

Programs range from entry level distances such as 7km, 10km and 14km run programs and 1km ocean swims, to intermediate programs like sprint triathlons and half marathons, through to advanced programs such as marathons and trail runs.

Not sure which one is right for you? Have a look at all the Can Too programs we're holding in the upcoming year and secure your place today!

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