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Alana is the Program & Communications Coordinator for the Can Too Foundation.

A self-proclaimed "reformed couch potato", Alana has now completed 3 half marathons and Team Captained a 10km run with Can Too. Originally from central western NSW, Alana can count on one hand the number of times she's been to the beach, but this summer she is training for her first ever ocean swim with Can Too!

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Cinema Movie Night Fundraising Event

by Alana Black 02 Nov 2017

Most cinemas hold special events such as advance screenings. If you contact the cinema requesting that you wish to hold a fundraising event at one of these advance screenings, they will donate part of the cost of the ticket to your fundraising (included in the price is a beverage).  Other cinemas will sell you tickets at reduced prices allowing you add your fundraising margin on top.

How does the event work?

  • Contact your local or city cinema to find out what packages they offer
  • Invite everyone to come an hour before the screening and provide refreshments (you can have this donated or cater yourself)
  • Hold a raffle – get great prizes donated from local businesses or friends who could provide a service i.e. massage therapists or who work at companies that can provide you with products. This will add another money stream to your night’s activities.
  • To make this worth your while you need to ensure bums on seats!!!!
  • Some cinemas will rope off an exclusive area for your event

How much should I charge for the event?

It is common to ask between $30 and $35, including a beverage. The cinema can often advise on what to charge. You may also want to include finger food and or a choc top ice cream depending on the venue and the time of your screening:

  • Offer an incentive for pre-payment e.g. pre-pay $30 or $35 on the door (people are more likely to show up when they have pre-paid)
  • You will have a better idea of your final numbers before the event

By having a raffle or auction on the night, you can maximise your fundraising efforts:

  • When people have pre-paid they are more likely to buy raffle tickets (they don’t feel as if they are paying out more money)
  • Offer 3 tickets for $5 or 7 tickets for $10. This ensures maximum uptake of raffle tickets and makes people feel as if they are getting a lot for their money
  • Ask your local bottle shop, butcher, newsagent, hairdresser etc for a prize donation


6 or more weeks:

  • Enquire at your local cinema for up and coming movies and secure a suitable date and any package they may offer
  •  Start emailing friends and family to save the date
  • Make an event on facebook to invite all your friends
  • Make an event on Can Too Facebook page inviting everyone

4 weeks before:

  • Re-email friends and family asking them to purchase tickets
  • Ask a couple of friends or local businesses to donate prizes for your raffle

2 weeks before:

  • Email or FB again, saying “Hurry only a few seats left” giving it some urgency to encourage people to sign up

Ask a couple of friends to help you on the night:

  • You will need help at the door to take money from those paying on the day and to mark off those who have paid
  • Another friend can also mingle and sell raffle tickets
  • Arrange collection of brochures/banner/posters from Can Too

1 week before:

  •  Email/FB with “Last chance to pre-pay” with a cut-off date!


  • Raffle prizes & ticket books
  • If you are self-catering, platters of finger food
  • MONEY! Have enough change for people paying on the evening and change for raffle tickets


  • A raffle always adds to the fundraising
  • Ask your friends to bring their friends to add to your numbers. 
  • Don’t forget to thank everyone for coming to the event, letting them know how much money you raised!!
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